B.A. Grooming Guide

How to Pick the Right Razor

Fights breakouts

Is the razor designed for sensitive skin? Some razors offer extremely close shaves, but often create new problems such as: ingrown hairs, red bumps, dry skin and irritation.

Simple to use

How easy is it to shave with the razor? Is it built for beginners (closed comb) or advanced (open comb).

Easy to handle

Does the grip make it easy to hold for large or small hands? Is the weight balanced or too heavy/too light?

Built to last 

Is the razor made from high quality materials? Or is it something you'll have to replace frequently?

Quick to Maintain

How simple is it to change out the blade? It is recommended that blades be changed with each shave for the best performance.

Delivers Value

Do you feel like you are getting what you paid for? Many products are overpriced and deliver the same value as other razors.