At last!
A razor
to reduce

Prevent irritation

fewer razor bumps

less ingrown hairs 

easy for beginners

close shaves

Easy To Maintain
The twist handle opening mechanism allows you to simply twist the razor handle to unlock the cutting head plates, making it easy to clean or replace blades.

Non-Slip Grip
This razor offers excellent grip, even with wet hands. 

Outstanding Quality
Our Safety Razors are skillfully hand crafted with genuine brass to ensure a well-built, exceptional products.

Double Edge Safety Razor
Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor



A smooth shave starts with a great razor. The B.A. Grooming Double Edge Safety Razor is your new favorite tool!

Many razors that you'll find in stores are plastic multi-blade razors and may cause irritation (razor bumps, pain, breakouts, dry patches).

Our single blade razor features a non-slip grip, is easy to maintain and is crafted with genuine brass. 

*Includes Free Shipping and 5 free double edge blades*

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"Thank you very much , I love the razor !!"

Freddie F.


After testing many different types of grooming products on my skin, I finally have a solution that delivers a flawless shave, and leaves my skin smooth and healthy. This is no easy feat considering I have eczema and very sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. I'm confident that if it can work for me, it will definitely work for you!

-Aaron, Founder B.A. Grooming

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